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Saudi beauty pageants surgically removed following ‘humps’ in wrong places

Using Botox can make you more beautiful, but it may be unhealthy and it surely won’t guarantee you winning a beauty pageant.

A few unfortunate “ladies” found that out in a hurry, when they appeared on stage with lumps in their lips and humps in all the right places.

But they were wrong to do this, and no batting of their long eye lashes could rescue them from theri plight.

Plastic surgery is surely the shortest road to ruining a camel’s journey to fame, especially one vying for a few million dollars in reward money for their owners.

This is what happened with 12 camels who have been disqualified from Saudi Arabia’s annual camel beauty contest after receiving Botox injections to make their pouts look more alluring.

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What happened?

According to the Guardian, a vet was caught performing plastic surgery on the 12 camels which disqualified them automatically from the contest.

“The key attributes in camel beauty are considered to be delicate ears and big nose. But there are strict rules against the use of drugs in the lips, or shaved or clipped body parts,” said the Guardian.

“They use Botox for the lips, the nose, the upper lips, the lower lips and even the jaw,” Ali al-Mazrouei, the son of an Emirati camel breeder, was quoted as saying.

According to British Daily Mail, “the camels will be judged on their features, must abide by a strict set of criteria for ‘untouched natural beauty’ – which advises having curly hair, pert ears, long lashes and a high, perfectly positioned hump.”

What is the contest all about?

The contest is a yearly event attracting legions of fans and with them business with a total prize of $57 million at stake.

Saudi and GCC citizens can register for all categories, except for the category ’20 production’ limited to Saudis only.

Registration this year took place from 17th of October and ended the 15th of November 2017, and participation was exclusively for she-camels, aged at least 1-2 years old, with the rare exception of one male to merely complete the numbers of the camels needed.

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“The most beautiful camel in six categories each receive $5.2 million along with the King Abdulaziz Award for Camel Beauty, known globally as “Miss Camel,” according to Forbes”

“Categories are divided based on the camel’s color, and one winner from each category will receive an award,” it added.

The festival is held 120 kilometers from Riyadh in the desert terrains of Al-Dahna.

“Camel races are divided into five categories, and each category has a public and private race. The winners of each of these will receive $2.5 million.”

“Camels are assessed in five categories, according to breed and colour.”

UAE Camel tradition
Some 15,000 camels from across the Arabian Peninsula participated in the tenth edition of the Al Dhafra Festival, Abu Dhabi on the edge of the Empty Quarter desert in December 2017.

Organized by the Cultural Programmes and Heritage Festivals Committee, Abu Dhabi, and set just outside Madinat Zayed, some 1,500 competitors and their camels competed for AED38 million ($10.5m) in prizes.

It is not just about beauty, but also best dates and falcon auctions, a popular bazar, and Saluki dogs races.

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According to the festivals committee, this is the one festival that embodies the spirit of heritage in this part of the world.

“If Paris fashion week in undoubtedly the main yearly must go to event for the Haute Couture world, then AlDhafra festival is the place to be for the lovers and admirers of bedouin life and culture,” it said on its webpage.