Complex Made Simple

A Saudi female entrepreneur taking the fashion world by storm

Saudi is coming out of its shell, with surprising ideas at par with international practices and this time fashion is taking center stage.

Not runway fashion, although that is garnering increased interest, but rather a simple fashion app called Fashtory.

Fashtory includes a messaging platform that enables conversations between buyer and designer to organize fittings and orders.

Saudi Entrepreneur Alanoud Al Mubarak was behind this innovation and launched her new idea for the world to download.

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Designers & fashionistas meet Fashtory

Fashtory is the brainchild of Saudi Entrepreneur Alanoud Al Mubarak, and the idea was born from her desire to solve different problems that fashionistas nowadays struggle with.

 Fashtory is an easy to use, Saudi based, mobile platform created to connect designers and buyers all over the world.

It is used by designers in 21 countries, including local UAE designers such as Pose Arazzi and UK-based Ahnde.

The app inventory includes anything your mind can think of; jewelry, accessories, clothes, footwear from independent designers and multi-brand stores based on the user’s location.

“I created Fashtory out of a genuine desire to help women who wanted one of a kind pieces but didn’t have the time to search,” says Alanoud describing her invention, “I also wanted to give designers an opportunity to showcase their creations and a platform to launch their career. Fashtory connects both parties in an easy to use app that is free to download.”

This application is available to download for FREE from the App Store and Google Play.

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Runway roadshow

Saudi recently held its first fashion week in Riyadh from March 26 to March 31.

The event, being a first in Saudi, had its share of struggles, and complications, and got delayed several times, but at the end, when the ladies got on stage, the show had Saudi ideas about fashion including original and colorful styles of Abayas, and outfit designs that impressed the audience.

“It was a good experience for Saudi women,” said the New York Times, who sent a reporter to cover the event.

“It was their time to shine.”