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Saudi Qiddiya is more than just a six flags project: It’s a major theme park

Saudi has the foot on the pedal when it comes to creating a world of fun and making the Kingdom an entertainment destination.

The latest news is Qiddiya, where an entertainment, cultural and sports  project is set to be launched soon.

Qiddiya, more than a Six Flags project

The Saudi Gazette announced today that Saudi King Salman will patronize on Wednesday the launch of the 334 km “Qiddiya” Project, some 40 km west of the capital, Riyadh.
The first phase will be completed by 2022, according to the statement.

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In a statement to Saudi Press Agency (SPA), Dr. Fahd bin Abdullah Tounsi, Secretary General of the Foundation Council of the Qiddiya Project of the Public Investment Fund (PIF) said that the inauguration is a real translation of the aspirations of the Kingdom’s wise leadership and its relentless efforts to develop mega projects in accordance with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.
“About two-thirds of the Kingdom’s population is under the age of 35. There is a great need for Qiddiya Project to provide them with entertainment. The project will save about $30 billion, which will be used to develop the domestic economy and create new job opportunities for Saudi youths,” he added, a quoted by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).
For his part, Michael Reininger, Chief Executive of Qiddiya, said, “we are delighted to be a key contributor to boost the Kingdom’s economic development and investment, not only for the entertainment industry but also to projects that will develop the capabilities the young Saudi people.”

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Saudi Asharq Al Awsat daily said that future visitors will have access to recreational and educational facilities across six designed clusters: Theme Parks; Wheels and Wings; Scenic and Animal Encounters; Water and Snow; Sports; Events, Culture and Education.

Qiddiya is also where the PIF and Six Flags, the theme park company, will develop and design a branded theme park, the kingdom’s first entertainment hub underway.