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Savelli breaks into luxury Smartphone market

The luxury Smartphone market welcomes a new ultra-high-end phone from Swiss jeweller Savelli.

Savelli is now offering a wide range of hand-made devices made using the finest materials on the planet. From python leather to rare gems, the Smartphones can be customised down to the smallest detail.

In terms of hardware, the phone still lacks some features, such as a dedicated concierge application or worldwide access to WiFi, when compared with its main competitor, Vertu. The Swiss phones boast the latest Android OS, along with 32 GB of memory and a 3G connection, which, in today’s rapidly advancing tech world, is not very impressive.

“It is really a piece of jewellery, we see the watch and jewellery as our universe,” says Alessandro Savelli, the brand’s CEO, in a statement.

The ultra-luxury design and bespoke aspect of the Savelli phone is consistent with its hefty price tag $250,000 (AED918,275) per device.

Hutch Hutchison, global head of design at Vertu, says: “We are not luxury because we have put bling on it, but because we have made something that is better, just like the BMW engine in its M Series that is better than a standard one. It’s not just that it’s a luxury thing, it a practical luxury product. It is about making a better product.”

While Vertu has a history behind it and experience under its belt, Savelli can still prove a worthy opponent with its lavish designs, high-end materials and a line-up of as many as 11 different luxury Smartphones.