Complex Made Simple

Step out in style

Christian Kachacha gives Aficionado an exclusive styling session, hosted by La Martina.

Read on and watch the video for top tips on how you can improve your own style.

Kachacha is a fashion icon in the region. In addition to private styling sessions, he works in advertising and has his own style segment on the MBC network.

The stylist begins the session by trying to understand the customer’s style, habits and taste. Then, he starts to piece together a custom style for the client, based on a number of elements, namely, skin tone, colours, body shapes and industry trends.

Colours are divided by seasons and, depending on your skin tone, certain hues will suit you more than others. “Colours are divided in two types, cool and warm. Cool colours are for winter and summer, while warm colours are for autumn and spring,” explains Kachacha. To define a skin tone, it takes more than simply looking at the colour of the skin, the colour of the veins is just as important to define a person’s undertone.

Body types are also something to pay attention to; depending on your shape, certain type of clothes will not suit you. “Trapezoid is the best body shape, you can basically wear everything. For the other shapes there are tips to create the illusion of the trapezoid,” adds Kachacha.

Lastly, we went through the latest trends and La Martina collections; the brand is featuring navy blue, red and burgundy, along with more earthy colours.

For the rest of the tips have a look at the video below.