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Studio Seven launches in Dubai with inaugural exhibition of masterpieces from Pakis

Inaugural exhibition of masterpieces from Pakistan.

Studio Seven is set to debut as a significant addition to the UAE’s burgeoning arts and design scene as it officially open its doors on September 11 at the Oxford Towers, Business Bay in Dubai.

The gallery also announced that the opening will coincide with the launching of its inaugural exhibition titled ‘Signature’, a group show featuring the works of 10 renowned artists from Pakistan.

Studio Seven, whose main base is in Karachi, Pakistan, is a leading design studio specialising in multiple disciplines including architecture, interior design, masterplanning, furniture and the visual arts. Its art gallery in Dubai is the company’s first foray into the international scene and Studio Seven is marking this milestone with the group exhibit.

Abdul Jabbar Gull, Curator and Director for Studio Seven Art Gallery, said, “At Studio Seven, we aim to introduce a diverse group of artistic practices from Pakistan and around the globe to international audiences. Our goal is two-fold: to be a space to introduce the work of emerging artists, and to celebrate the work of established artists. Signature aims to showcase the most representative work of 10 Pakistani maestros, each of whom has evolved in a sustained journey of medium and content; each a mentor in his or her own right.”

‘Signature’ will feature a variety of artistic disciplines including calligraphy, painting, miniature, sculpture and mixed media from Ahmed Khan, Meher Afroz, Nahid Raza, Noorjehan Bilgrami, R.M. Naeem, Waseem Ahmed, Ali Azmat, Mugheez Riaz, Munawar Ali Syed, and Gull himself, who is acknowledged as one of the most prominent sculptors in Pakistan.

The artists will each showcase two of their masterpieces that embody their unique styles, a true and literal representation of the exhibit’s theme, signature.

“The artists’ brief was to send two of their works, which were closest to their hearts – their signature – therefore, this exhibit is a very special gathering that celebrates uniqueness in each of us. The exhibit is also a collective testimony to their creativity and contribution to the contemporary art milieu in Pakistan,” Gull said.

Karachi-based art critic Amra Ali, from her essay on Signature titled ‘Ten Artistic Narratives & The Imprint of A Milieu’, wrote: “In this show, Signature, Gull has brought together disciplines such as calligraphy/figurative/abstract, and in doing so, he opens a welcome conversation that unfolds some of the most consistent narratives embedded in Pakistani art; significant due to their expertise and sustained dialogue with medium and inner content, for which they have been recognized and honored.

Content is established both in the richness of medium as well as in the pursuance of an idea that manifests itself in many ways over time. Two works from each of the ten participating artists, that exemplify or are the quintessence of his or her stylistic concerns, this is a pathway that also allows new audiences to find a meeting point with them. Although it is almost impossible to locate an artist’s oeuvre within a single work, this show can also be viewed as a rich fragment of certain histories and contemporary directions of our times. Not a survey show, it facilitates a particular aesthetics to emerge, and within it we find new conversations, cross conversations and the knowledge of many worlds, even those that are distant or remote. Together, it is an ensemble of celebration of the many directions within the figurative, the calligraphic and the abstract.”