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Summer’s here: Harrods highlights its Superbrands

London’s ultimate home for luxury brands, Harrods, opens its new Superbrands department, showcasing the crème de la crème of international labels.

Designed by Make Architects, this contemporary and sophisticated department, known as “Terracotta Palace”, stands out from other areas at the Harrods building.

In the newly opened department, only premium brands like Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Dior can be spotted displaying their most seasoned and luxurious products, and adhering to the department’s dedication to house only the finest of collections

Harrods has been a constant magnet for GCC tourists visiting the British capital, attracting large numbers of customers from the region, especially during the summer vacations.

Therefore, it seems that the Superbrands department has opened just in time to welcome tourists from the region, especially the UAE, after a visa waiver was announced for Emirates nationals earlier this year.

“This magical space has allowed us to expand each of the brands’ product offerings and create a ‘world’ of shops within Harrods,” Helen David, Harrod’s fashion director of womenswear, accessories, fine jewellery and childrenswear, said.

This new world is seen and felt as one enters each of the 17 unique boutiques located on the sides of the elegant corridors of the Superbrands’ department.