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Territoire(s): Embodying ‘Haute Couture’ of contemporary creativity

* Territoire(s) is making its debut in GCC this year

* Brand will be part of Design Days Dubai

* Global design market is worth $2.3 trillion


Every March, Dubai gets in touch with its artistic instincts and celebrates skilled craftsmanship and fine design, through its mega event Art Week.

This year, a fine French design House, Territoire(s), is making its debut in the region, bringing the essence of an audacious and contemporary French lifestyle that co-exists between art and design, to the city through Design Days Dubai.

AMEinfo got the opportunity to speak to the brand’s founder and CEO Arnaud Fontani, who talked haute couture, design trends and business.


 Why did you decide to make a debut at Design Days Dubai this year?

Dubai has quickly become an international hub of luxury and design. There is a lot of potential within the region’s growing design sector. As the leading design fair in the Middle East and South Asia dedicated to collectible, exclusive and very limited pieces, Design Days Dubai is a great platform for the region’s design community to showcase the best the region has to offer in art and design.

At Territoire(s), our artists embody the ‘Haute Couture’ of contemporary creativity. I believe Dubai Design Days is the perfect platform for Territoire(s) to introduce itself to the region’s design sector. Our curated collection of rare pieces fits in perfectly with Design Days Dubai’s collection of world class designers.

 Geraldine Gonzales_Flying Chair

What is the value of the GCC region to your market?

According to the Dubai Fashion Council, the global design market is a $2.3 trillion business.

The GCC region has quickly become an international hub of luxury and design. The Dubai Fashion Council states that the UAE and Saudi Arabia are the largest design markets in the region, totaling $27.6 billion and $21.9bn, respectively. With such growth, we are seeing a need to bring unique, tailor-made pieces to meet the growing need for individual pieces, which set the region’s interiors apart from others throughout the world.


Can you highlight five trends you are noticing this year?

There are a number of different design trends appearing this year. Five that I have noticed include designs using raw whites such as bone and chalky colours; a shift toward unique artisan designs over DIY projects; pieces using lots of different materials and textures, such as cotton; pieces using a mix of natural materials, such as wood, with metallic highlights; and light-shining luminaries and LCD wall-coverings that create atmospheric spaces.

Ultimately, people should follow their hearts and create spaces filled with intimacy and meaning. Choosing one-off original items, with meaning, is one of the most important parts of design.

Pierre Renard_Wave

What do you aim to achieve through your participation at Design Days Dubai?

We aim to bring the Haute Couture of contemporary design creativity to Design Days Dubai through our collection of exclusive examples of French design.

From here, we aim to bring our haute couture designs to our residential, hospitality and retail projects throughout the GCC and Lebanon.


Besides the UAE, which other regional countries are you interested in and why?

Territoire(s) is based in Dubai and is focused on providing haute couture pieces to interior designers and customers throughout Lebanon and the GCC, including Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Today, the GCC region is recognised as a centre of art and design. More retail, hospitality and residentail partners are searching for unique, one-off pieces to complement their spaces. Every piece created by a Territoire(s) artist is tailor-made based on the requirements of our customers. As we establish ourselves in the region, we aim to bring the ‘Haute Couture’ of contemporary creativity to every piece we work on within the GCC region.

I believe the GCC and Lebenon form today’s new international emerging scene of art and design.