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The art of food: Porterhouse Steak

Aficionado heads to Sofitel the Palm to experience firsthand what Portherhouse Steak and Grill has to offer.

A porterhouse is a piece of meat carved from a T-bone steak, it was originally served in taverns, called porterhouses, where travellers used to rest after a long journey.

True to its roots, the Porterhouse Steak offers a large selection of meat and grills with different seasonings and side dishes.

The restaurant’s interior, with its emphasis on wood and curves, gives the establishment a modern and classy saloon feel.

For starters, the Beef Carpaccio 250 days grain-fed Angus tenderloin is exquisite: the meat is succulent, well cut and seasoned with a few drops of olive oil and a slice of parmesan.

A second option could be the Duck Foie Gras Terrine. An impressive portion and the obvious effort invested in the presentation make this dish one of the premium appetisers offered by the restaurant.  We suggest you try it with the traditional French bread.

The Porterhouse Australia Black Onyx is a piece of meat made for two. A tender, tasty treat for the taste buds, it is carved right at your table by well-trained restaurant staff, who will gladly answer any question you have regarding the art of carving meat. The dish is accompanied by roasted rosemary potatoes, a fricassee of turnip, Bordelaise sauce and light gravy. A main course created for meat lovers.

For dessert, the caramelised granny smith apple crumble, with its salted caramel sauce and its unusual presentation, is the perfect way to end the meal.

The cosy atmosphere along with an excellent staff really makes the Porterhouse Steak and Grill the perfect spot for fine dining enthusiasts to gather.