Complex Made Simple

The art of food: The Farm

The Farm at Al Barari revamps its menu incorporating new flavours and influences from around the world.

Aficionado attends an exclusive tasting event to discover the new seasonal flavours of the restaurant.

Using his extensive experience and love of cooking; Chef Yves de la Fontaine has been working hard since Ramadan to reinvent the restaurant’s menu.

Everything starts with breakfast, the granola verrine with organic yogurt and a berry coulis is the perfect way to start the day, even more so if you couple it with a taktouka omelette.

The beef carpaccio offered as a starter caught our attention for several reasons. The thickness of the beef cutlets, which is outstanding compared to other restaurants in Dubai, was the first thing to make our mouths water. The seasoning is also well balanced, making this dish one of the highlights of this new menu.

The Farm gives a new dimension to fine dining turning simple ingredients into impressive dishes. “The recipes are simple, the execution and the seasoning are the key component of this new menu,” says Chef Yves.

The sea bass with lentils accompanied by saffron velouté was one of the most intricate dishes of the main course offering. Saffron is a very strong ingredient that needs to be used sparingly.

The Moroccan lamb with the eggplant caviar was well done and in-line with Moroccan cooking standards, which is very difficult when cooked by a non-specialist chef.

The dessert platter features a baked cheesecake and a caramel flan specially made for lactose intolerant customers.

The highlight of this part of the menu was the chocolate brownie with a salt caramel sauce. This dessert is well balanced and, with the blend of sugar and salt, your taste buds are in for a treat.

The reaction to The Farm’s menu offering has been very positive in the region, with people coming from across the GCC to taste it. Taking advantage of their location, the restaurant attracts a large clientele of nature and relaxation enthusiasts.

The Farm uses locally sourced products for its menus and has, since its opening, established itself as a culinary hub.