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The Flying Spur V8 lands in the Middle East

Bentley announces the arrival of the new ultra-luxury Flying Spur V8 sedan to the Middle East market.

“The arrival of the new Flying Spur V8 broadens the options for those customers who are looking to graduate from the premium to ultra-luxury car segment. This car delivers a combination of superior performance and luxury which is unrivalled in its class,” explains Neil Wilford, regional manager of the Middle East, India and Africa at Bentley Motors in a statement.

The brand seems to be focusing on the region and is making extra efforts to cater to the Middle Eastern market.

“As one of our most prominent markets, the Middle East will continue to be a key focus for us and, as such, we will continue to introduce members of the Bentley family to best serve the desires of our existing and potential customers,” adds Wilford.

The automotive industry in the Middle East seems to be booming this year with different manufacturers announcing very promising figures during their H1 review. Namely, 15,797 BMWs were sold to customers in the region in the first half of 2014.

“The region’s premium automotive market is growing by approximately 15 per cent, so we are delighted to be above this figure and look forward to continuing our growth momentum throughout the rest of the year,” says Johannes Seibert, managing director for BMW Group Middle East in a statement earlier this year about the brand’s H1 results.

The region is more than keen on luxury automotive products, and Bentley certainly picked up on the signals.