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THE QUE: Shooting pool in style

If you finally have the room for a billiard table but are afraid it would clash with the chic décor of your living space, THE QUE is exactly what you’re looking for.

The elegant and luxurious eight-foot table features a minimalist, modern design, with elements such as smooth edges, fluid stroke shape and ultra-thin body. In addition to these, THE QUE uses fine elements including 24-karat gold, black onyx stones, German Napa leather and African Beli wood.

The table features two golden slates; the name of the owner and the serial number of the table are engraved on one, while the other carries the designer’s logo and his personal signature. It comes with a full set of billiard accessories, including an Aramith ball set, an X1 Simonis cleaner, Kamu chalk sets, OB cue sticks and custom-made cue racks and a leather triangle rack.

Austrian designer Norbert Brauneis, renowned for his exclusive and stunning pieces, launched the brand and creates the tables himself. In the region, Brauneis collaborates with Eyecon Design House, a Dubai-based design firm and creative studio that offers architectural conceptualisation, tailors interior spaces and provides landscape and haute product design.

“ takes six to ten weeks for production and shipping to the UAE,” says Mazen Harake, co-founder and head of business development at Eyecon Design House, adding that, going forward, the design studio plans to launch a “royal” version of THE QUE, one where there can be no limit in either price or creativity.

Eyecon also caters to space personalisation requests, adds Harake, with a number of extras available for bespoke orders. These include “full golden chassis, platinum and diamond editions, white ebony wood and precious stones,” he elaborates.

The tables had recently made an appearance at the Big Boys Toys UAE exhibition, held in Abu Dhabi earlier this month (November 18 to 21).

Harake says that, globally, top clients for THE QUE come from New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Paris London and Milan. However, he finds that the table goes “hand in hand with the luxury and lavish lifestyle that the UAE has to offer”.