Complex Made Simple

The Ritz-Carlton Dubai: The address for luxury

Aficionado heads to Dubai’s beachfront to have a taste of the luxury experience the Ritz-Carlton Dubai has to offer.

The hotel was recently revamped and a new wing is now open, increasing the resort’s capacity. Elevators have a wood cover on the inside; the staircases and certain common areas still ooze ’90s charm without looking or being outdated. The resort is ideally located and stands out from the other hotels by being only six storeys tall and with all the rooms facing the sea.

Everything is about the service and the experience with personalised attention, such as handwritten letters given to you on arrival.

Morocco, Andalusia and the Middle East are only few of the regions the Ritz-Carlton was inspired by to decorate and design its rooms. From paintings to carpet or woodworks on the walls, everything is right where it should be.

There is a unique atmosphere in this hotel, it is a luxury resort that feels like a boutique hotel and the staff is an important part of it. They will do their best to remember their guests’ names or try to talk to them in their mother tongue.

The hotel’s beach is pristine and beds and umbrellas are there to keep you comfortable in the shade, while you order anything you like to be brought to you right on the beach. The Ritz-Carlton Dubai offers six pools to enjoy, with different restaurants for you to satisfy any and all of your cravings.

While the Ritz-Carlton is already synonymous with luxury, and rightfully so, their revamped property and service take it a to whole new level.