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Trèsind: The progressive ‘very Indian’ fine dining restaurant

Stepping away from the usual spicy mutton biryani and chicken tikka masala, Trèsind restaurant steps up the game, introducing new dishes, reinventing classics and offering a well-rounded and enjoyable visual and sensorial experience.

Aficionado sat down with Himanshi Saini, the executive head chef at Trèsind. Despite his young age of 26, Saini already has a rich international experience spanning India and the United States, with milestones that he must have reached through his witty, polite, calm and collected personality.

“At Trèsind, we follow two different practices: we want to reinvent classical Indian dishes… and to come up with new dishes – that is the most difficult part,” Saini said.

Describing Trèsind as a progressive Indian restaurant, Saini explained that “by progressive, we mean it is the modern way of serving certain cuisines, whether Indian or any other cuisine.”

He explained that this is a trend running across ancient cuisines, such as Chinese and Indian, where chefs are introducing modern implementations of old recipes to revive the heritage of the cuisine in new forms and shapes.

For a more in-depth view of the restaurant, check out Saini’s full interview below: