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The UAE is under ‘Fire’: Arsonist caught, but questions remain

There is nothing scarier than tower fires, and often the difference between a real alert and a drill are blurred, and worse, if it happens at night, people could remain asleep.

This latest scare happened in the morning though.

At about 10 am, on Sunday, May 13, the Dubai Civil Defense control room received a call about a fire in Zen tower in Dubai Marina, and fire crews reached the site within six minutes.

Despite the strong winds and dusty conditions, they managed to get the blaze under control in just 45 minutes.

The last building-fire happened on April 22, claiming the Almas Tower in Jumeirah Lake Towers as a victim, but was also quickly contained, leaving no one injured.

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Injury report

Residents interviewed on the scene by the local news reported that the fire was a massive surprise to them as in the past the building has frequently tested its alarm systems and the residents developed a ‘Boy who cried wolf’ syndrome.

Luckily, the security team came on broadcasting over the building’s speaker system and announcing that it was not a test.

Although several cars nearby were damaged by falling debris from the blaze, initial reports from the Dubai Media Office Twitter handle said no casualties were reported.

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The Manager of the tower said that the association is in touch with the authorities to ascertain when residents can go back to their apartments to assess the damage caused by the fire.

He also added: “We expect residents will not be allowed back into the building for at least four days.”

All the residents were transported to the Ghaya Grand Hotel in IMPZ where they were given refuge following the blaze.

During the cooling down operations, Brigadier Abdul Rahim bin Shafi’a, director of Al Barsha Police Station also confirmed that all people staying in the Tower were evacuated safely, Al Jazeera reported.

The cause of the fire remains unknown.

While the frequency of fires has been increasing so has the Dubai Civil Defense department’s response time.

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Your fire will be out in 30 seconds

On May 2nd, the Dubai Civil Defense said that response time is going to be 30 seconds.

The new system being implemented increases response and on-site arrival time to just 30 seconds

Not only this but Major General Expert Rashid Thani Al Matroushi, director general of Civil Defence in Dubai, said: “Currently, a response time of 6-8 minutes is a success for 80% of the total communications.”

5 recent fires

Only two days ago, a massive fire broke out in a parking lot, but thats not the full incident.

Here are five critical fires that took place in the UAE over the last three months:

11 cars near Dubai Mall: On May 12, 11 vehicles were set ablaze, and according to local police the arsonist was apprehended. No one was injured, according to local media.

Kindergarten school: another incident in Ras Al Khaimah, on May 7 led to the rescue of 176 pupils aged between four and five and 25 staff members, and no injuries were sustained, according to The National.

Warehouse in Mussaffah: Fire broke out on May 2, in one of Abu Dhabi’s warehouses. No casualties were reported in this incident, and the fire was swiftly brought under control, according to Business Standard, a news site.

Navy Gate area: a fire broke out late on April 28 at night in a five-storied building, only one person was injured but is now in recovery, according to Business Standard.

Apartment in Al Butainah, SharjahIn February a fire that started at around 12 am took the lives of 7 people shocking nearby residents, the likely cause of the fire was faulty Air Conditioning, according to The National.