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Revealed: UAE hospitality jobseeker preferences, trends and motivators

New research on the hospitality jobseeker talent pool has revealed key motivators for movements when it comes to employment. The research, conducted by – a leading online hospitality recruitment portal under StepStone UK portfolio – surveyed 21,000 hospitality candidates globally, representing over 107 nationalities.

The results of the inaugural report were launched this week at exclusive events in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, well-attended by key players in the hospitality and tourism industries from across the country. The results were followed by passionate discussions, driven by industry-leading panellists: Ellen Dubois du Bellay, Chief HR Officer, Jumeirah Group; Assia Riccio-Smith, Founder, Evolvin’ Women; and Nuria Gonzalez-Martin, Group Head of HR, Sunset Group Hospitality.

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The findings revealed a number of prominent insights surrounding global and national jobseeker trends, with UAE-based respondents citing career progression and training & development as the most significant factors when considering new career opportunities (17%), and the sense of camaraderie and teamwork ranking most highly regarding job satisfaction once in a steady role (16%).

86% of respondents currently working in the UAE noted their intention to move jobs in the near future, with a significant 43% planning to change positions in the coming quarter, compared to the global average of 22%. Almost half of respondents (49%) said they would use online job boards to explore new opportunities, with StepStone hospitality brands providing access to over 4 million hospitality candidates across the globe, whilst also calling upon their personal network for referrals and recommendations.

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Commenting on the results, Jeremy Vercoe, Sales Manager,, said: “The results demonstrate a very global mobile workforce. Clearly, people are attracted by career progression and training, but the high rates of movement amongst UAE candidates  is something for employers to readily pay attention to. Modern-day employees are seeking variety in their roles, and the opportunity to constantly interact with others; it’s important that employers recognise these factors and maintain an open dialogue with their employees to enhance retention.”

“With the continued growth and evolution of the hospitality landscape, particularly in the lead-up to Expo 2020, any employees seeking new challenges, personal improvement and an in interest in developing an appreciation for other cultures will find much to appeal to them in the UAE, as an employment destination,” Jeremy continued.

Sharing further insight, Neil Pattison, Director, also added: “The significant changes in candidate mobility across Europe, driven by the potential impact of Brexit, have increased candidates’ desire to move out of the UK and EU, with 27% foreseeing potential for employment outside of the EU. This presents a positive opportunity for UAE employers to take advantage of  an expanded talent pool.” is part of Totaljobs Group Ltd and StepStone UK, the UK’s largest and fastest growing online recruitment company, comprising six job board businesses, which between them carry over 190,000 jobs, and attract over 6 million jobseekers every month who generate 3.3 million applications.

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