Complex Made Simple

Western Chronograph collection: The adventure that ticks on the wrist

Take a journey from Earth into space and beyond. Experience a rocket launch and float around inside the International Space Station. Doesn’t this sound like an exciting adventure?

Every adventurous experience demands curiosity, dedication, and attention to detail. Now, what happens if a group of highly regarded and accomplished designers come together to recreate this adventure? When the maestros’ unparalleled technical know-how and divergent thinking met with the singular aim to create an exceptional timepiece, Western’s VERGANT Chronograph Series took shape.

What makes it special? It’s those steampunk-inspired minuscule details that make you stand out from the cookie cutter crowd. The multi stacked layers of stainless steel make it resistant to the consequences of your adventurous streak. And of course, its quartz-powered functionality. Setting out for backpacking, hiking, biking or just for a run? No problem! You’re covered! Grab your VERGANT and be on your way! Check out more details: