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Vicenzaoro is back: “Dubai represents the new Hong Kong”

For the first time, Vicenzaoro will be open for public on the last day

International jewellery show Vicenzaoro Dubai has landed in the emirate for the second consecutive year.


Running from April 14 to 17, the show is designed for the local, regional and international jewellery business community, where industry players from the key markets of the region and those nearby can meet, collaborate and introduce one another to the latest in the region.


Key markets for Vicenzaoro Dubai include the Middle East, Eurasia, North and East Africa, and Central and South Asia.


“Two-thirds of the population of the world reaches Dubai within a six-hour flight, so Dubai represents the new Hong Kong for the future,” Corrado Facco, managing director of Fiera di Vicenza, told AMEinfo, adding that Vicenzaoro sees Dubai as the gateway to other countries in the Middle East and other nearby up-and-coming regions.


On its first night, the show held its inaugural Jewellery Celebration Awards, celebrating the best in jewellery design, innovation and retail.


Some of the industry icons who received the awards include Tawhid Abdullah, chairman of the DGJG; Ahmed Bin Sulayem, executive chairman, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre; Amit Dhamani, CEO of Dhamani; Shamlal Ahmad MP; managing director, International Operations, Malabar Group; Siroya Chandra Prakash, vice-chairman of Dubai Gold and Jewellery Group; Vinmalidas Dhakan, founder, National Jeweller; and Harsha Mehta, founder, 7Cs Group / Rosy Blue Dubai.


For the first time, the last day of the show – on April 17 – will be open to public. The event comes to the emirate after completing a successful edition in the Italian city of Vicenza, the birthplace of Vicenzaoro, last January.


“Notwithstanding the general economic situation, the show in January was very successful, more than expected. We had more than 1,500 brands coming from 42 countries,” Facco said.


“Traders realised that, if you have the right balance between price, design, innovation and trend, you can be successful in the market,” he added.


This year, Vicenzaoro Dubai sees an expansion on all fronts, from the expected number of visitors to the parties involved.


“This year, we decided to deeply involve 18 local dealers, based in Dubai, like Damas, Samra and others. They understood that this show is a platform that brings people from around the world Dubai, speaking about the industry,” Facco said.


“The first edition we had 6000 visitors, but now we expect to have between 8,000 and 9,000, a rise of 25 per cent,” he added.