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Video: Despite global volatility, Rolls Royce remains solid in Middle East

Earlier this month, Rolls Royce Motor Cars issued its fourth profit warning in less than eight months; however, the Middle East continues to be a strong region for the luxury carmaker.

In 2014, the Middle East became the “second biggest region for the sales of Rolls Royce globally, overtaking China for the first time,” Jamal Al Mawed, PR and communications manager for the Middle East, Africa and South America at Rolls Royce Motor Cars, told Aficionado on the sidelines of arab luxury world 2015.

BMW Group, to which the Rolls Royce, MINI and BMW brands belong, reported a six per cent growth across the Middle East region during the first half of 2015, with the United Arab Emirates, led by Abu Dhabi, remaining the largest market for the group, accounting for 59 per cent of its regional sales.

According to Al Mawed, Rolls Royce has a strong client base in the region and they have both the money and the appreciation for Rolls Royce’s bespoke products.

Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) clients coming from the Middle East are highly knowledgeable about what they are looking for as they walk into a showroom and simply want to know whether the team can do it, Al Mawed explained. He noted that this confidence and awareness makes them unique, helping them stand out from other clients in other regions.

Al Mawed also shared his views about the topics discussed during the second edition of the conference, topics that he said were “much more in-depth and regionally relevant”.