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VUHL 05: The new supercar on the block

A new and seemingly strong player has been added to the array of supercars available for motor heads in the Middle East.

VUHL 05, a road-legal/track lightweight supercar has been created and developed by Mexican company VUHL (which stands for “Vehicles of Ultra-Lightweight and High Performance”). The car weighs just 695 kilograms, according to the company’s website.

The VUHL 05 was introduced earlier this year and has been scheduled for deliveries to Kuwait, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar.

Deliveries are scheduled for “late September, initially to Kuwait and the UAE, but cars will be available for purchase to all GCC customers,” Guillermo Echeverria, director and co-founder of VUHL, told Aficionado in an email interview.

“The first dealership will open in Kuwait and the second in the UAE,” Echeverria added, without specifying which dealerships will distribute the cars in the region. However, Afkar General Trading & contracting is stated as VUHL’s dealer in Kuwait on the company’s website.

The 05 model was created internationally, with its handling optimised in the United Kingdom, its carbon-fibre bodies fabricated in Canada and its chassis assembled in Mexico.

According to Echeverria, the car’s “base price is $119,000 , plus equipment options and bespoke trim and finish.”

The brand expects to sell ten cars during the introductory period. “As with all premium brands, production will be limited to keep a high desirability for our products and let our customers feel unique,” Echeverria said.

The Middle East, specifically the GCC region, has proved to be home to individuals hungry for the finest automotive creations, making it a great market for top supercar makers – like McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini and others.

However, the abundance of supercars on the roads does not scare the new kid on the block: “We don´t think there is a direct competitor to the VUHL 05,” Echeverria said.

“The driving experience and looks are so unique that all car collectors and enthusiasts will find a complete, different product to have and enjoy. The closest competitors could be other lightweight and high-performance cars produced in limited series,” he added.

Because car enthusiasts from the region are not usually satisfied by the standard production, they tend to apply their own add-ons and personalise their supercars. VUHL understands that, and is looking to offer tailored accessories to the car owners.

“We strive to give a fully customised product and experience to all VUHL owners. A list of options can be found in our advanced configurator, where our customers can specify their VUHL 05 to their needs,” Echeverris said.

“An infinite colour palette is available, apart from other bespoke options that can be designed for each customer and are not inside the configurator. Every car we build must be different from the ones we have built before,” he added.