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W Motors: The crown jewel of the Arab automotive industry

If you saw the seventh and latest instalment in the Fast and Furious franchise, you probably noticed the supercar flying out the window of one of the Etihad towers in Abu Dhabi and into another tower – then on to a third one.

That was the Lykan Hypersport, one of only seven units made by W Motors, a Dubai-based “developer of high-performance luxury sports cars”, launched in Beirut in July 2012.

According to Ralph Debbas, chairman and CEO, it was inevitable that “having an Arab car join Hollywood in the biggest blockbuster” would create “an incredible buzz” and consequently drive awareness and attention to the brand.

In his full interview below, Debbas talks about his first participation in the arab luxury forum conference and discusses W Motors’ upcoming projects and the new car coming out in November at the Dubai Motor Show.