Complex Made Simple

Welcome to The Billionaire Hotel, the ultimate in five-star opulence

A palatial establishment where Rock’n’Roll gods, pillars of industries and global jet-setters all come to stay in supreme comfort.

It’s early evening, and the lobby is bustling with life.

So, order a drink from the Cipriani Bar, take a seat and watch as the exciting mix of guests come and go through this grand space.


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A bellboy dressed in an immaculate Billionaire Hotel uniform walks past, wheeling a luggage trolley piled high with identical crocodile travel cases in orange, cherry and cream colors.


Behind him, struts a rockstar in a black crocodile waistcoat and clutching a matching crocodile guitar case.


He’s checking-in to the penthouse suite: on the last leg of his band’s tour, he’s ready to party tonight.


A movie producer in a baseball cap and soft camel-colored toweling robe emblazoned with the Billionaire crest on the back makes his way to the lift, shuffling in matching slippers.

Refreshed after a relaxing treatment in the spa, he’s got a conference call to make.


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A high-flying tourist saunters by; his unstructured white suit with navy piping and white leather sneakers is the essence of timeless holiday elegance.

An entrepreneur in red-and-white striped shorts, a red polo shirt, and red cap heads towards the tennis court to practice his backhand in the cold evening air.

Dressed in a palm-leaf silk shirt, an agent heads through to the hotels’ Michelin-starred restaurant for an early dinner with an old friend, who wears a sky-blue double-breasted linen suit.

A business magnate and Billionaire Hotel regular for years – in a shawl-collared evening suit decorated with a mini palm tree print – smile at the doorman as he leaves for a gala event…

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All different men, from different worlds, but all united in their appreciation for excellence and luxury in all things.

From the clothes in their wardrobe to where they choose to stay, they won’t accept anything less.