Complex Made Simple

Five minutes with Jeremy Hackett

Aficionado puts Jeremy Hackett, Chairman and Co-Founder of Hackett London, in the hot seat.

What’s your favourite colour?
Navy blue. In 20 years, I’ve had seven Range Rovers and every one of them has been navy blue. In so many of our shops, the number one selling jacket is the navy blue blazer. For a man, it’s the equivalent of the LBD.

Your one true inspiration is…
It’s probably vintage, because that’s how I started. Going to the market and buying vintage and just seeing wonderful, old clothes, and then taking a little detail from it and reproducing it as something new. I was always inspired by that, really.

If you could design for anyone, past or living, who would it be?
Paul Newman, because when he wears clothes, he looks brilliant. He’s got a sort of attitude and manner that whatever you put on him looks great. a very stylish looking man.

If you could become Mayor for a day, your first order of business would be…
I’d get rid of the congestion charge . Pain in the a**e.

If you weren’t a designer, you’d be a…
I’d quite like to be a photographer. I really like taking pictures and when I’m at fashion show, I always take my own pictures and put them on my blog and stuff like that. I don’t do anything technical, I just point and shoot, but I understand compositions. It’s all about catching the moment.

British fashion is…
I don’t know if I can describe it in one word, but the thing is, all around the world there’s a huge appetite for anything that’s British, partly because of its heritage. We have a huge heritage in clothing.

How would you like to be remembered in 50 years?
I’d be well forgotten by then. Hopefully that I was sincere in what I did and believed, and did something for the fashion business.

What’s been the best day of your life, so far?
When I opened the first shop on King’s Road , it was with a partner. He had a business before in his name. We ran it for about three years – it was very tough and we closed down. Then we opened Hackett. For six months we weren’t sure what to call it and, in the end, we said, ‘Hackett’, and my name went up. It’s the first time I saw my name up as a brand name… it was the beginning of something quite special.