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Withings unveils luxury smartwatch Acivité

Discrete built-in system detects every move, whether you're walking or swimming

French consumer electronics company Withings unveils Activité, the first Swiss-manufactured watch that measures both time and physical activity, all the while maintaining the couture aspect.

Created by a team of designers in Paris and made in Switzerland, Activité’s discrete built-in system detects every move, whether you walk, run or swim, and calculates your daily activities, distance covered and calories burned. The chronograph also analyses sleep patterns and can wake you up at the optimal time based on your sleep cycles.

Unlike other smartwatches in the market today, such as Moto 360, Samsung Gear or LG G watch, the Withings Activité is not reliant on a smartphone. It has a built-in memory that gathers all of the data and the only time you need to connect it to your smartphone is when you want to have a look at the results. The timepiece, in addition, is waterproof.

“The Activité is forged with the quintessential ‘French touch’, the art of mixing design and style, inspirations and eras, traditions and innovations to create a 21st century timepiece that connects us to the time and the universe around us, as well as our bodies’ natural rhythms,” says Cedric Hutchings, CEO of Withings.

The watch maintains its luxury feel with a stainless steel watchcase and unbreakable sapphire glass on its face, which includes touchscreen capabilities to tap between sleep and movement modes.

Motorola started the fashionable wearable technology with the Moto 360, followed by designer Diane von Fürstenberg’s Google Glass line.

Withings’ exciting new approach to smart wearable technology reminds tech giants that they will have to keep innovating to stay ahead of the game.