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World of Fragrance ’15 – Nabeel’s first exclusive aroma exhibition

Nabeel,which exports to more than 100 countries, hosted the exhibition

“A good perfume, like a nice song, enhances one’s senses so healthy competition is good to give the users what they yearn for, combined with a safety guarantee,”  says Mustafa Adam Ali, Managing Director, Nabeel Perfume group of Companies.

Nabeel Perfumes, one amongst the top manufacturers of perfumes and the largest incense manufacturer in the Arabian Peninsula organized its first exclusive fragrance exhibition, where the most refined aroma ingredients, essential oils, own blends and Agarwood were showcased. The exhibition sheds light on the traditional Emirati culture of using aromatic derivatives and the usage of many traditional products conceived and handmade locally within the community. Nabeel has an ocean of fragrance variants and thousands of aroma ingredients in their library and they have given a golden opportunity to all fragrance lovers to understand more about the importance of selecting the right fragrance in one’s daily life for a bright and healthy outlook.

The “World of Fragrance” exhibition was held on 18th August 2015 from 10.30 am onwards at Nabeel’s Corporate Headquarters in the Sharjah Airport Int’l Free Zone, which is one of its kind, the most luxurious & contemporary built on 25,468 sq. ft. at the cost of 13 Million AED. The exhibition was inaugurated by Mr. Mustafa Adam Ali, Managing Director of Nabeel Perfumes Group of companies.

Nabeel currently exports to over 100+ countries. The key brands are ‘NABEEL’ (Oriental & Arabic) since 1969 and ‘CHRIS ADAMS’ launched in 2006, which is a French line of perfumery and is a huge success internationally. Nabeel thrives on exquisite customer service and high quality products. Lots of foreign tourists, especially from the GCC, travel to the UAE to buy oil-based perfumes, incense and Oudh.

Nabeel has grown organically with around 15 new products being launched every summer with the latest mix of ingredients from its ocean of new blends sourced from its internationally acclaimed channel partners who also supply to the world’s top international brands. With in-house R&D and a plethora of homegrown designer talent, it is now well on the path of developing its own blends. Hundreds of enthusiastic and educated youth in the field of perfumery are being screened for recruitment and then welcomed onboard at Nabeel to showcase their innovations and plans with the Management. They are allowed to experiment and come out with new and fresh ideas and offerings that will appeal to the well-heeled fragrance savvy audiences and buyers of the modern times. The company in order to speed up deliveries to all remote corners of the globe has opened up strategically located hubs at India, U.K, U.S.A, Australia & in almost all countries of GCC where goods are stocked against anticipated demand and delivered instantaneously whenever an order is placed. Agarwood being one of the major orders being placed with us has ignited the idea of now going in for self-owned Agarwood Tree plantations so as to satisfy the demand vis-à-vis the need for competitive pricing without compromising on quality as has always been the Vision, Mission & Motto of the NABEEL Group and its Hon. Chairman since inception and is proudly portrayed in all its websites and other literature.

An aficionado of quality perfumery and creative packaging, Asghar Adam Ali (Al Attar), the Founder and Chairman of Nabeel Perfumes Group of Companies, held an impeccable vision of becoming a global leader in the fragrance industry. In 1969, he launched his dream, which he intuitively named “Nabeel” – the Noble One in Arabic. Thus conceptualized in Yemen, Nabeel, a perfume manufacturing company, started an exciting journey to the far corners of the world. Today, it proudly holds the distinction of being one of the leading brands in the magical world of fragrances.

Nabeel has a 200,000+ sq. ft. setup with an installed manufacturing capacity of 60 million plus units per year and a 600+ qualified staff strength. Nabeel by currently investing heavily in capacity expansion, is simultaneously boosting its retail footprint. At the beginning of 2015, it planned to open around 40+ stores around the region during the year that would attract niche clientele and propel the brand image to new heights. 33 of those stores have now already been launched with every passing month seeing the addition of another 3 to 4 more by mid of June ’16, planning to open additional 45 outlets. Nabeel has recently inaugurated its refurbished 25,000+ sq. ft. corporate headquarters on which it splurged a staggering AED 13 million+ to bring it up to 5-star+ world standards. The exuberant staff in their smart outfits are now ensconced in their ergonomically designed Chairs & cabins amidst comfort and luxury with a open-to-sky atrium, Dining Hall & a Dolby surround sound amphitheater for its conferences and presentations with Cisco Personal DATA Technology.

Our Mission: To create high quality perfumes, with quality packaging that are retailed at prices that gives our customers value for their money.

Our Motto: ‘Be Daring, Be First, Be Different’