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Home alone? 5 Kickstarter projects you have to crowdfund

Appetite for crowdfunding has experienced a tremendous growth in recent years, so we at AMEinfo have compiled a list of the best projects we found currently in the running for projects with the most potential on Kickstarter.


The makers of 8BCraft are back at it again after their successful Kickstarter the Raspiboy.

They are Introducing the RetroStone, a fully assembled emulator for various handheld consoles.

It features eight ports: 4 USB ports, 1 HDMI port, an Ethernet port, MicroUSB charging port and a
headphone jack.

It is based on a RetroStone Pi, having an H3 processor that has 4, 1.2GHz cores.

The RetroStone Pi comes with an accessible installation guide to get your favorite games up and running.

Systems that are supported are Gameboy, Genesis, Atari and plenty others.

You can even develop your own game.

The Huawei P20 and three others have arrived: Details inside

Moment Filmmaker Collection

The project is about a lens that attaches to your mobile phone. allowing you to create fantastic cinema-like videos.

The Gimbal Counterweight 2.0: For this, you will need a mobile phone gimbal and it will enable you to make super smooth videos.

Anamorphic Lens: Allows you to capture a super wide-angle image with the inherent shallow depth of Field and perspective of a telephoto lens.

It also has a rotatable bayonet so you can capture videos in both horizontal and vertical orientations.

Filter Mount: This lets you attach filters to your phone and it also can double with one of the older ’Moment’ lenses to create more incredible images.

Battery Photo Case: This is what will allow you to mount the lenses on the phone, and it also has a shutter, the button that feels like a DSLR.

Also, a 3100mAh battery will keep you shooting videos for the whole day, and also has QI wireless charging.

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Padawan Rising: A Star Wars Short Film

For all you Star Wars lovers, this movie is set in the same universe and tells the story of Kano, a powerful, female, Jedi in training.

Directing is being done by Lee Kemp, a Star Wars fan that has already put just over $4,000 of his own money at the beginning of the shoot.

The Film will be written by Poz Watson, a British Storyline, who developed two films that are amazing.

Cinematography will be done by Karl Poyzer a prominent UK-based director of photography.


The (augmented reality) AR tabletop lamp to have.

It can detect whatever you place on a table and it is also interactive.

You can create games, let it detect and recognize fruits, scan documents very quickly and make it identify images.

Lampix is excellent for both offices and homes.

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Quin Helmet

“A helmet for the 21st century.”

it is aimed at delivering safety and many more features such as smart assistance.

Listen to music without headphones and still be able to hear your surroundings.

Calls can also be received.

Map directions are given to you by voice saving you the hassle of having to look at your phone.

However, the most important feature is the “IntelliQuin” technology which can sense if you have been in a dangerous crash and calls for help, while also sending them your location. There is also a manual button that lets you reach for help if you are ever in trouble.