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7 secrets to stop employees from quitting

Managers can use these 7 secrets to keep employees happy

70 per cent of employees feel disengaged at work

Being strong, having open communication and being transparent are all key


At a time when employers are struggling to prevent attrition, these 7 secrets can boost employees’ morale and motivate them.

Employee retention is the name of the game today, with a recent Gallup poll revealing that a whopping 70 per cent of employees are unhappy and disengaged at work. The same research reveals that a major part of employees’ motivation is influenced by their managers.

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Here’s what managers can use to reverse the trend.

The platinum rule

Managers usually follow what’s called ‘The Golden Rule’: treat others the same way you’d like to be treated. But this has a major flaw: everyone does not want to be treated the same way. To keep employees happy, managers need to treat each person the way that person wants to be treated. This is the Platinum Rule.


Strength without harshness

People like to see that their manager is a strong leader, but a manager who is always harsh and critical, though strong, does not motivate. So, bosses need to lead by example, and show courage without being harsh and critical.

Two-way communication

It’s a common misconception in the workplace that good communication is only from managers to teams. It works the other way around too and a good manager is one who inspires open communication both ways: to the employees and, equally important, from the employees to the managers too.


Don’t preach

Many times, managers get bogged down with just giving advice. While this may start off great, if it is not paired with action, it will soon pall. Good managers must always match their actions to their words.

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The benefits of being transparent need hardly be overstated. A good boss must always be open with his or her team about the company’s objectives and plans.



Having a boss who’s arrogant and rude is a surefire way of increasing attrition. A good manager never acts holier-than-thou and never makes their team feel like the boss is better than the employees.


Work-life balance

Having a good balance between work and personal life is not just for Monday morning pep talks. A good manager should take interest in their teams work-life balance. Employees always want to know that their boss cares for their well-being and not just the company’s bottom line, and showing interest in how they balance work and personal life is one sure way of ensuring that they feel comfortable and cared for.