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Are you a burned out entrepreneur? You’re not alone: 5 steps to combat it

If you’re an entrepreneur, Jessica Edwards, Curator of NEST at TRYP by Wyndham Dubai, shares her insights on combatting burnout

So you have decided to take the leap and start your own business. Congratulations! Whatever initial reservations you may have had about manifesting your vision, you have successfully overcome.

The challenges and little successes within the initial stages of entrepreneurship give you exactly the kind of boost you were seeking when you made the choice to quit your office job to be your own boss.

However, even the most successful entrepreneurs encounter moments when they are faced with routine work, budget constraints and self-doubt. This often results in low morale and burnout.

Burnout is a serious problem that many face in their work lives and is often characterized by a decrease in motivation, a sense of constantly being defeated, and the inability to properly enjoy your own growth and success.

But, do not despair! Burnout can proactively be addressed with various solutions, while keeping you focused on your goals and ambitions.

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5 steps to combat burnout

1-Contemplate your progress within set time intervals.

Why not start a progress tracker for each month, every quarter and year to help you visualize the hard work you have been investing in?

If you are only setting lofty goals of hitting home runs, then it is inevitable you will be let down if you fall short. Instead, focus on “little wins” because after all…“success is a series of small wins.”

You need the sense of positive reinforcement in order to truly enjoy your contribution to growing your business.

Seeing the results play out positively in that spreadsheet will provide exactly that kind of reinforcement that will have you aim for more.

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2-Share your highlight achievements and frustrations.

Most entrepreneurs do not work in a typical office environments.

Despite some setbacks to an office job environment, it does help provide a support group where one can share good and bad days with co-workers.

Entrepreneurs need that too. Why not try a coworking space a few times a week?

At NEST, we provide a creative space where you can meet like-minded individuals who encounter similar struggles and are there to listen and give advice.

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3-Find your role models in others.

Entrepreneurs often lead by example, are excellent independent workers and like to think of themselves as visionaries who draw their own career paths.

Still, it is crucial to get inspired by others while building your own personality.

At NEST, we host regular events that provide great opportunities to network within the entrepreneurial world, such as CreativeMornings and FUN DXB, where you can be directly inspired by the speakers.

4-Change your scenery.

Place has a tremendous impact on both the quality of work you produce and your overall morale.

Working from the same place, with the same view, during the same hours reinforces a sense of monotony and can lead to burnout. Sometimes this means simply getting up and working from a different office or space.

The change of scenery almost always encourages new thoughts and ideas, preventing you from falling into the mental rut that leads to burnout.

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5-Do switch off.

By this, I mean power down your phone, tablet, laptop or any other technological device.

In the age of social media, which has given rise to connectivity overload, it is crucial that you find a way to disconnect (or switch off) at regular interval.

Take a few hours away from your desk and laptop and exercise.

In fact, when working out of NEST at TRYP by Wyndham Dubai, you can have unlimited access to the hotel’s wellness facilities such as the swimming pool and gym.

Stay positive. Recharge. Avoid burnout!