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Capital Club Dubai’s event

Capital Club Dubai holds suspenseful preview of member Sultan A. Alshaali’s psychological war drama, ‘Reprieve’

Capital Club, Dubai’s premier private city club and a member of the ENSHAA group of companies, recently held a preview of the upcoming film, ‘Reprieve’, exclusively for Members and their guests during its first Film Club event.

The psychological drama, based on a true story and written and directed by Lorian James Delman, produced by Richaud Valls, and executively produced by Nastassja Many, Theo & Tracy Spencer, and Capital Club Member, Sultan A. Alshaali, documents a US solider who has just returned home and must cope with the guilt and trauma of his actions overseas.

The film preview, which left its viewers gripping their seats in suspense, focused on the heart-wrenching visit made by American serviceman, Joe, to the family of two, young Iraqi men he killed in combat—innocent civilians mistaken for foes—in a quest for their forgiveness.

The emotionally charged, action-packed film highlights the complexity of modern warfare, the blurred lines of good versus evil, and the resulting victims on both sides of the battlefield. With no time to think, the main question on the audience’s mind is, “how do soldiers make decisions in the line of fire?” The short answer: shoot first and ask questions later.

Speaking on the film, Sultan A. Alshaali said, “We plan to expand the film and go a little bit deeper into the trauma that the soldiers have to suffer—how it doesn’t just affect their lives but their families’ lives, and how it turns both sides of war into victims. Wardivides nations but also brings most people together—either they agree with it or they don’t.”

Commenting on his experience during the film’s production, he continued, “I’ve never been to film school—it was just a passion of mine. And before this film, I never thought I would ever be involved in anything that involved drama. But when I got into the making of it, I realised how important it is, because it’s the spice that makes up our real life as well.”

‘Reprieve’ will first be shown to the public at the 12th Dubai International Film Festival in December, and consecutively shown at various film festivals around the world.