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DED campaign promotes adherence to movie ratings in Dubai

Awareness posters and leaflets on age restrictions displayed in 214 screens.

The Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection (CCCP) sector in the Department of Economic Development (DED) has launched a campaign in co-operation with cinemas in Dubai to create consumer awareness on the importance of complying with the age restrictions for watching different movies.

Launched in collaboration with Cinemacity, Vox Cinemas, Reel Cinemas, Novo Cinema and Lamcy Cinema, the ‘Cinema Admission Guidance’ campaign is part of DED’s efforts to improve the business environment and promote best practices across all business sectors in line with Dubai’s strategic plan.

Posters and roll-ups with instructions and policies regarding movie ratings based on age groups are being displayed in the lobby area of 214 screens in Dubai in addition to an explanatory message appearing on screen before the start of every movie. The emphasis of all messages is on the need to adhere to the age classification to protect everyone’s rights.

Adel Al Helou, Specialist in the Consumer Protection section of CCCP, said: “The entertainment sector is a vital sector in the UAE, especially for the economy of Dubai. Nearly 60% of the cinema screens in the UAE are in Dubai and DED is keen to promote cordial relations between cinema houses and their customers. Consumer awareness will help the overall performance in the sector and promote its growth, as well as overall economic development in Dubai.”

Al Helou said it has been noted that some parents turn abusive and non-co-operative when their children are denied entry to movies because of age restrictions. He urged customers to fully comply with the regulations, adding that strict action would be taken against non-compliance or anything that obstructs normal business in Dubai and the UAE in general.

“The Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection sector clearly defines the rights and responsibilities of every consumer, protects consumer rights, and works to create an ideal environment of transparency and impartiality in dealing with consumers. Our campaign in cinemas is aimed to stress the importance of consumer awareness and the need to follow guidelines in the interest of children and families,” added Al Helou.

Al Helou lauded the role and support of cinemas in the initiative, stressing that the campaign will help staff in cinemas to better explain movie ratings and their rationale to customers.

Praising the DED initiative, Cinemacity LLC commented movie ratings are meant to protect kids from unwanted influences and hence consumer awareness on such ratings are important. “The campaign has helped customers decide which movies are suitable for their kids and also empowered cinemas to enforce the relevant rules, and request proof of age to avoid any conflict that might occur between us and our customers,” said Mahmoud Bawab of Cinemacity.

Reel Cinemas said the DED campaign is a welcome step that will help movie-goers make informed decisions on the movies they want to watch.

“Since the introduction of the signage detailing the rating system, we have noticed a more significant understanding among the audience, which also adds to the operational efficiency of our staff. Movie-goers now come to the ticket/booking counters with a clear understanding of the film.”

Vox Cinemas also praised DED’s support in enhancing consumer awareness on movie ratings. “This initiative helps our employee in explaining the purpose of the rating system to consumers clearly and in such a way that the consumer can understand easily. Vox Cinemas have displayed the awareness messages prominently in an effort to educate our customers and ensure a great movie experience within the laws of the UAE.