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Dubai Police receives the EO

UAE’s top Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs from a variety of industries meet with high ranking officers in Dubai

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), a global network of more than 10,000 business owners with 75 members in their UAE chapter, were received by high ranking members of The Dubai Police Force at the Dubai Police General H.Q.

The visit was designed to educate the Organization about the various strategies employed by the Dubai Police Force and the exceptional service they provide to the public.

The delegation was received by Colonel Mohammaed Rashid bin Saree Al Muhairi – Director of tourism security at the Criminal and Investigation Department along side Mr. Buti Ahmed Bin Darwish Al Falasi – Director of Media, Major Dr Khaled Arif Al Sheikh, Acting Director of the Anti-Economic crimes at the General Department of the CID at Dubai Police, Major Abdullah Khalil Al Hosani – head of systems and program development division and other officers.

The event was inaugurated by Colonel Mohammaed Rashid bin Saree Al Muhairi who captivated the audience with a brief introduction to the organizational structure of CID, and spoke about the tourist security department, detailing how it is divided into four sections: Field services, Tourism Coordination, Tours & patrol and lastly Economic Crimes.
This was succeeded by a deeper look inside the organizational structure of the Economic Crimes unit, guided by Major Dr Khaled Arif Al Sheikh. He detailed the numerous and innovative ways Dubai Police approaches ongoing plagues such as; Commercial fraud and piracy as well as counterfeiting offenses, and how the anti-counterfeiting and forgery crimes department work hand in hand to solve them. The results of which have been multiple cases successfully solved by the Dubai Police.

Major Abdullah Khalil Al Hosani along with Mr. Ahmed Kayed Ahmed from the Public administration of smart services dept then gave a small presentation about the overall management and utilization of Smart services within the multiple organizational structures under the Dubai Police. They also reviewed the innovative digital platforms and tools being provided to the public from the Dubai Police and the channels present to make these services accessible. Samples of these services were then shown including software that details ‘ Traffic accident statistics’ amongst others.

Dr. Mousa Ariqat from Quality Management then briefly spoke about the ongoing evolution of the Dubai Police Force and huge strives in quality the body has made since its very humble beginnings. Their dedication to education and frequent adaption to new technologies as well as a unique model for self assessment has made the Dubai police one of the worlds highest ranked and formidable collection of officers.

Adding to that, Mr. Buti Ahmed Bin Darwish Al Falasi stated that The Dubai Police Force is always seeking to expand its circle to include all local, regional and global institutions.
With its outstanding track record and performance in reducing crime, The Dubai Police encourages corporation with security agencies world wide in an effort to better maintain stability in the country and homeland security of its people.

Furthermore, by illustrating their efforts to Organizations like the E.O we are slowly educating the country about how essential mutual cooperation is in order to maintain a safe and bountiful country.

Commenting about the event, Mr Vikram Shroff, president of the EO 2014 Said, “ This was truly an eye opening experience for me and our respected members. We only have the safety and security of the UAE to thank for the livelihood of our families as well as our businesses, therefore, experiencing the unimaginable level of effort that goes into it behind the scenes was not only commendable but fascinating”