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INJAZ Kuwait commences 8th Round of the Company Program

Building on the great success from previous rounds.

INJAZ Kuwait today announced the renewal of Citi Foundation’s partnership to foster entrepreneurship among Arab youth by supporting two key programs: The Company Program and Innovation Camps across eight countries in MENA, targeting a total of 9,620 Arab youth.

The two programs seek to improve youth’s entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and soft skills, in an effort to positively impact the economic growth of the region, in line with The Citi Foundation’s commitment to promoting economic progress for young people by providing them with opportunities in enterprise education.

The INJAZ Kuwait Company Program fosters students’ entrepreneurial mindsets by allowing them to organize and operate actual businesses. As a result, students not only learn how businesses function, but also get the chance to compete at national and regional competitions.

Innovation Camps, on the other hand, are a one-day action-packed event, that caters to creativity, teamwork, leadership, critical thinking, and presentation skills, by challenging students to find innovative solutions and create concepts that address real business challenges.

Rana Al-Nibari, CEO of INJAZ-Kuwait said, “It is very exciting for us to launch the 8th round of the Company Program; a program that has witnessed huge success across high schools and universities in Kuwait. It is one of INJAZ-Kuwait’s flagship programs, and has grown to reach nearly 3,000 students since its launch. Every year, we grow even more committed to benefiting more students and empowering them with the proper skills that make a true difference in their careers, and hence their futures.”

A survey recently funded by The Citi Foundation, titled: “Unlocking Arab Youth Entrepreneurship” ( reported that most students who completed INJAZ’s Company Program had gained more initiative and self-motivation, critical mindsets in both the job search and entrepreneurial process in the Arab World. With this renewed commitment, the Company Program is expected to reach 310 students in Kuwait.

As a step further towards nurturing entrepreneurship, Citi Foundation’s grant will also fund an award to be presented at INJAZ Al-Arab’s “Regional Young Entrepreneurs Competition”. This year, the event will be held on 24/25 November 2015 in Oman and the Citi Foundation funded award will recognize one INJAZ team for providing the most exceptional customer service model.