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MENA Spaces now accepting applications for Collaborative Spaces Challenge

Unemployment is at an all-time high throughout the Arab World. To combat this problem we have seen the rising number of entrepreneurs, as well as the support from local communities to encourage entrepreneurship. At the very heart of this local support are Collaborative Spaces.

Collaborative Spaces are workspaces designed to help support local entrepreneurs in their communities. Available for rent on an hourly, daily, or monthly basis, these workspaces come equipped with tables, desks, conference rooms, high speed internet, and other perks and amenities which may vary from one collaborative space to the other.

Zoomaal and Mideast Creatives have partnered up to launch MENA Spaces. The purpose of this initiative is to enable the establishment and support of collaborative spaces in the Arab World, with the goal of having at least one collaborative workspace in every city in the region.

The MENA Spaces Collaborative Spaces Challenge presents a golden opportunity by offering up to $60,000 in matched funding for collaborative spaces looking to expand – or be established – in the six qualifying countries (Sudan, Egypt, Morocco, Tunis, Algeria, and Iraq).

Collaborative Spaces in each of these countries have a chance to receive up to $10,000 in matched funding towards their projects. For example, if a collaborative space in Egypt received $100 in funding, Mideast Creatives will match it with another $100 towards the project.

To benefit from this matched funding, collaborative spaces must submit their projects on Zoomaal before January 12th, 2015.