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Middle East Business Leaders Awards 2014 “redefining global economic growth”

The Leaders International and the Federation of GCC Chambers, once again, proudly presents the Middle East Business Leaders Awards 2014, the grandest and most prestigious award event ever to give recognition and honour to not only prominent figures as exceptional leaders but also major organizations as drivers and contributors of their industries.

The date, 5th November 2014 was indeed a glamorous evening when the 5th edition of the Middle East Business Leaders Awards 2014 , held at Dubai, UAE honored the crème de la crème of some 30 exceptional global leaders in various fields of trade and industries. Leaders who have not only steered their ships through various streams in business growth, applying the best of leadership modules and practices, but have reached uncharted territories, resembling explorers of yore and established their supremacy on the shores of success were showcased.

Congregation of Leaders and winners were from the GCC region, namely the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Africa and some prominent names from Malaysia. This award event is indeed global in status, recognizing leaders from all parts of the world annually.

Gracing the remarkable evening was H.E Ambassador of Malaysia to the UAE, H.R.H Prince Sulaiman Shah Ibni Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah, the Royal Chief Major of Selangor, Malaysia, Mr. Arthur F. Carmazzi, Founder of the Directive Communication™ Methodology and Global Top 10 Leadership Guru. Also present was H.E Badria Al Mulla, President of IEBG United Arab Emirates and trade advisor to the Government of Switzerland. Among other notable distinguished guests were from the various Chambers of Commerce and Industry around the GCC region, Ambassadors and high profiled invited corporate captains and high ranking UAE Government officials

The prestigious event was organized by The Leaders International, a high profiled business magazine based in Malaysia and endorsed by American Leadership Development Association (ALDA), a US based NGO which showcases global leadership at large. It was managed by My Events International, a leading global event management organization. The Federation of GCC Chambers had joined hands once again to be jointly organize this event at a very grand scale.

Among the prime partners of the event were NAZA World and International Emirates Business Group (IeBG), being the platinum partners and Prolintas and Khansforge Group, being the gold partners of the event respectively. AMM was the event silver partner.

Khaleej Times was the Official Media of the event while Go2 Advertising Group UAE was the Official PR Agency appointed.
Achievements in almost 30 categories were recognized and honored with its unique award of which some of them included; Lifetime Achievement Award; Master Class CEO of the Year, Master Class Visionary CEO of the Year; Emerging CEO of the Year; Women Entrepreneur of the Year; International Businesses and Industrial Clusters; to name a few. (a separate list of final winners will be provided on actual event day).

The awardees selected by high profile judges emerged from all parts of the globe which presented a dimension about the meaning of stretching as far as it goes to honor people who have untiringly contributed to the betterment of businesses, communities and nation building.

The Leaders International magazine is a bi-monthly publication initiated to identify and expose leaders and decision makers in Malaysia as well as abroad. Covering a wide range of topics and interests, the magazine aims at being the premier Leadership and Business magazine in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai. An enlightening read, daring and factual, and sometimes seeking answers to uncomfortable issues, The Leaders International aims to give its readership the most pertinent news and views about the Malaysian and international situation, and to define and teach its readership about Leadership.

The Leaders International signature Forum Series is aimed at highlighting issues important to the business community at large. The forum aims to give top executives a platform in airing their views with like-minded individuals, bringing in a cross-functional perspective of different levels of management to come together and discuss issues of prime interest.

The American Leadership Development Association (ALDA) is an international network for all those who practice, study, preach and teach leadership. The association is dedicated for the development and evolution of leadership and the effects on society, business, organizations as well as families. ALDA aims to promote a deeper understanding of leadership knowledge and practices for the greater good of individuals and communities worldwide. Its objective and goals was also set to bring all leaders around the world to a platform to develop more quality leaders.

For the award recipients, the 5th Middle East Business Leaders Awards 2014 was the beginning of an exciting new journey and a motivating factor to continue striving to lead, and it is certainly something for other emerging leaders to emulate upon.