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Mind Cloud Entrepreneurship Academy to launch its next program in May

Certified by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) of the Government of Dubai, Mind Cloud Entrepreneurship Academy, the established business entrepreneurship academy, will launch its program on May 1, 2018, with the support of AREA 2071.

The Academy opened its doors to aspiring entrepreneurs, SME owners, and forward thinking ‘intrapreneurs’ in September 2017.

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Purpose built

The brainchild of Genny Ghanimeh, a Dubai-based serial entrepreneur. Mind Cloud is designed to offer theoretical and practical entrepreneurship-related courses offline, and in the near future online as well; focusing on enhancing the resilience and mental toughness of its students.

“We are thrilled to start our 3rd cohort. During the past six months, we have celebrated the impact of our entrepreneurs as they achieve new levels of success, significance in business, and beyond. With the new cohort we aim at creating even more value for our members, who, I am sure, will be guided by their commitment to entrepreneurial excellence”, said Genny Ghanimeh.

The next cohort of entrepreneurs and ‘intrepreneurs’- those employed full time who want to lead innovation and change from within an organization – will spend 10 weeks attending the Entrepreneurship Program boot camp and learning from a group of ‘Master Entrepreneurs’ who are specialized in all aspects of business, such as finance, marketing, sales and operations.

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At the end of the course, the apprentices will present their progress through a Business Model Canvas to the Mind Cloud Jury. Top students will be selected and mentored through preparing their Investment Decks and pitch to a panel of VCs and investors.

Previous Jury members consisted of professionals of the calibre of Dr. Kamel Abdullah – CEO at Gulf Oasis Investment, Joe Kawkabany – Private Investor, Mariam Farag – MBC Hope, Wassim Mortada – Private Investor and Ghaith AbdulRahman – Disruption Strategist at the Executive Office.

“For Oct-Dec 2017 Cohort, the teams have worked tirelessly for ten weeks to translate their innovative ideas into concrete plans. The investment pitch and the accompanying business model canvasses highlight many impressive and promising new businesses. Mind Cloud is to be commended for exceptional delivery of program design, execution, and mentorship. “I am confident that Mind Cloud will continue showcasing successful incubation of new businesses with its next cohort”, said Dr. Kamel Abdullah.

The academy is located at The Emirates Towers and is now open for enrollment.

For submissions, please contact [email protected]

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About Mind Cloud

Mind Cloud Entrepreneurship Academy is a unique Business Leadership Academy founded by a group of entrepreneurs in 2016 in UAE. The founders have a wealth of experience gained in the region – mainly focusing on startups, mentoring, and advisory.

Leveraging the knowledge from various industries, Mind Cloud was built on good practice principles which allow for diverse and tailor-made education programs to fit business needs of each particular entrepreneur and intrapreneur.