Complex Made Simple

New Bridges to Grassroots Prosperity

One can start building a bridge on a riverbank, pushing into deeper waters in the hopes of reaching the opposite shore, but along the way, the pylons sink, and the shape starts warping. Sometimes, it may reach the other side, but then again it may simply collapse when it encounters turbulent waters.

Bridges are not made this way. They are planned meticulously down to the minutest details all well in advance, and are visually seen in 3-D models before hundreds of millions are invested. Today, global age expertise and discipline makes similar exceptional teams able to go out and play games of innovative image supremacy; of course, to become a bridge builder requires intensive formal training. To guarantee the steadiness of the bridge, a certain type of preparedness is essential.

Anything less than that will simply be doomed to drown in troubled waters.

This is how bridges to grassroots prosperity and innovative excellence towards national image supremacy are designed to come into play in creating this type of advanced thinking and in planning a national project. This is how skyscrapers are built. There is no room for trial-and-error phases. It requires scientific planning, as well as a solid expertise to make it a reality; otherwise, half the buildings around the world would simply collapse each storm season.

So what’s happening to grassroots prosperity all over the world?

Speaking innovatively, innovation in isolation is suffocation, speaking universally, university degrees no longer guarantee great jobs, speaking economically, start-up businesses and incubators are exhausted like real-estate projects. Speaking politically, silence on debates proves lack of answers.

However, the miracle is still hidden right in their backyards, in bold ignitions of national mobilization of entrepreneurial talent as a discovery of largest buried national resource.  Discover bountiful global age of collaborative synthesizim, embrace diversity, tolerance and open minded philosophies towards pragmatism and eliminate hidden fears towards entrepreneurialism.

The top five most critical national performance challenges:

Why can’t Trade Associations become 24x7x365, alive with high performance global marketing machines? What is stopping deployments of national and global customer profiles in real time?

Why can’t Awards & Annual events become 24x7x365, with high quality deliverers of 365 days of programs? What’s stopping the steady continuous flow of pragmatic contents and workable ideas?

Why can’t houses of trade and chambers prove 24x7x365 value with 365 days of global programming? What is stopping the massive creation of global bounce of leads and opportunities in real time?

Why can’t Export development hunting groups operate on a 24x7x365 basis with high value global performance levels? What is stopping sophisticated large live data bases bounce in real time?

Why can’t Government economical programs lead 24x7x365 with superior messages, full control and command? How to lead by example by creating image supremacy protocols of innovative excellence?

Starting Point:  In order to win today’s leadership must be able to articulate mobilization of entrepreneurialism as deployment of national talents. Special high power workshop are required, delivered as a cabinet level advisory on deployment strategy, Study White Paper on Expothon Strategy published by Naseem Javed of Mentorian and review deployment models and special workshops to test against national capacity building.

It’s time to mesmerize the nation with innovative excellence thinking. It’s time to monetize the sleeping giant and awaken entrepreneurialism. It’s time to commercialize lingering innovation which is presently collecting dust. To win the heart6 of grassroots small medium businesses, it’s time for dramatic action.

It’s time to win.