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What to look for when you first start to hire as a new business

Words by Matthew Benjamin and James Siggers, Founders of Benjamin Siggers

Starting a new business is an exciting journey but as the business grows you will need to start looking into hiring your first employees. Although you may not want to relinquish control of your baby, it is important for the success of the business to be able to trust that others can take on some of the workload as it expands. So what do you look for when hiring your first employees? As founders of Benjamin Siggers, Matthew Benjamin and James Siggers share their tips on hiring for your new business.

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Ask Why

It is important to identify why you are looking to hire someone. Is it because you need someone to assist with administrative tasks or are you looking to increase sales with an additional representative? Whatever the reason, make sure you have an understanding of the “why” and this will help create a list of expectations for the job role.

Trust the intern

You may not be able to afford to pay for extra help but luckily there many freshly graduated individuals who are always looking for opportunities to gain work experience through an internship. This allows for both parties to mutually benefit from the arrangement as you get the extra support you need and they get invaluable experience. Win-win.

Enthusiasm is key

When it comes to hiring, look for those who are enthusiastic and interested in career progression. These employees will look to grow with the business and be invested in its success. Although there may be candidates that have more experience, you want to make sure that you choose employees that will stick around and are not just there for the salary.

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 Test your applicant

When it comes to an interview, most people take the time to prepare prior. In order to truly know if the employee is right for your startup, provide them with a simple task during the interview that is relevant to the job they are going for. For example, if you are hiring for a sales position, have them sell you something. Alternatively, provide the candidate with an example problem and ask them how they would solve it. This will ensure you are getting a candidate with the right skills required for the job.

Just Do It

It can be scary but hiring your first employee is an exciting time as it means your business is growing. The extra hands will only assist in continuing this progression and soon you will be well on your way to hiring more staff. Just take that first step, it will be worth it.

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