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Oman Sail and SAP trained 80 young females on entrepreneur programme

The Female Entrepreneur Programme aims to provide important employment and life skills training to young females

Oman Sail and German company SAP, the leader in business and analytical software, have teamed up to create the ‘Female Entrepreneur Programme’. Taking place at Oman Sail’s Corporate and Personal Development Centre at Mussanah, the programme began in November to train 80 young, unemployed Omani women in assertiveness, creativity, entrepreneurship and leadership during three-day workshops. The pre-ultimate and final training sessions were then concluded recently this month.

Developed by Oman Sail, the project has been carried out with the support of the SAP and in cooperation with the King Baudouin Foundation. The Female Entrepreneur Programme aims to provide important employment and life skills training to young females who are underrepresented in the MENA region.

Ahmed Al Mamari, CPD Senior Facilitator at Oman Sail, said, “This course aims to teach valuable employment and entrepreneur skills to Omani women over 18 years of age. The participants have been nominated by the Ministry of Manpower, and the skills they learn will equip each individual with vital leadership, problem solving, communication and teamwork attributes, as well as raising the entrepreneurial spirit and confidence of young Arab women wanting to go into business, inspiring them to create opportunities and providing vital networking and peer support in order to succeed.”

Halima Ali Al-Shizawi, a recent participant in the course, said “On this course I learned many things that can help me in my working life and how to be a strong entrepreneur including how to manage my time, increase my self-confidence, responsibility and the best way to work in groups. I also learned how to set and achieve my goals in an efficient and effective way. The outdoor activities we a fun and challenging way to help me to apply what I learned in class and to achieve my goals.”

The Female Entrepreneur Programme forms part of Oman Sail’s Corporate and Personal Development Programme which uses Oman Sail’s expertise in creating and managing successful sports teams to develop youth and corporate employees in the softer skills of communication, teamwork, assertiveness, time management, self-discipline and decision-making.

“Our partnership with Oman Sail is a hallmark of our support for the workforce of the future in Oman, and especially in providing talented young women and entrepreneurs with the skills needed to have successful careers. The creative thinking, teamwork, and leadership skills that participants learn through this sailing programme will be essential for succeeding in the Digital Economy,” said Gergi Abboud, Managing Director, SAP Gulf and Pakistan.

Following completion of the final session, Oman Sail will hold a celebration ceremony to recognise the achievements of all graduates. Oman Sail aims to extend the programme beyond its first year and enable more than 500 Omani women to learn valuable skills and take the first steps to becoming entrepreneurs and enriching Oman’s private sector.