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Qatar Development Bank organizes ‘Industrial Productivity’ training for Qatari SMEs

The training took place from August 24 to 26 and provided details about the latest strategies and applications.

Qatar Development Bank hosts three day ‘Industrial Productivity’ training program for 30 Qatari entrepreneurs, designed to elevate SME productivity as part of a series of local sessions entitled, ‘Advanced Industrial Training Program.’

The training took place from August 24 to 26 and provided details about the latest strategies and applications to raise efficiency within industrial production.

Mr. Abdulaziz Bin Nasser Al-Khalifa, CEO of Qatar Development Bank, said: “This training program highlights our role and passion in developing and nurturing the skills of potential entrepreneurs and SMEs in Qatar. QDB provides training and services for local SME businesses to help encourage sector growth and contribute to Qatar’s journey to economic diversification.”

‘Industrial Productivity’ aims to build the capacity of existing and emerging industrial enterprises, offering a variety of practical solutions and advice across a wide range of topics, including; technology, financial and human resources, capacity planning, quality management, surplus reduction, operational planning, competitor market comparisons, as well as analytical assessments of costs and benefits.

Experts who organized this program gave a detailed explanation of the support to be provided by Qatar Development Bank to help entrepreneurs either launch or improve their projects. They also explained how to take advantage of the bank’s advisory services, including; development of feasibility studies, market research, guidance on launching and developing projects, as well as advice on ensuring projects are competitive in local and international markets.

Qatar Development Bank creates and hosts these education and guidance based training programs as part of their mission to accelerate the development and growth of the Qatari private sector that will contribute to a sustainable, competitive local economy.