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QFBA, Qatar Financial Centre Authority continues “Kawader” Journey

‘Kawader’ program is an innovative learning initiative by QFCA and QFBA.

Qatar Finance and Business Academy (QFBA) and Qatar Financial Centre Authority (QFCA) have successfully completed the training part of ‘Kawader’ 2015; this cohort is the third run of the flagship program.

On this occasion, Mr. Yousuf Al Jaidah – CEO of QFCA congratulated the participants on their completion of the internationally recognized certifications and encouraged them to start their internships which will support their career path”.

Mr. Al Jaida added: “Kawader program aims at growing Qatar’s human capital to match the development seen in the country’s rapidly progressing financial sector by providing them with the right tools and trainings”.

Addressing the ‘Kawader’ participants, Mr. Charles Carlson, CEO of Standard Chartered said:
“we encourage you to take advantage of the internship opportunities that the program provides. This is a learning chance to widen your knowledge and skills and to learn from industry best practices inside and outside Doha”.

‘Kawader’ program is an innovative learning initiative by QFCA and QFBA, who believe in investing in the future of the potential business leaders and decision-makers of Qatar’s emerging industry of financial services sector. The program endeavors to equip participants with internationally recognized professional certifications along with enhanced personal development skills which will drive their growth in the industry. This year QFBA has enrolled 33 young Qataris who are either in their 4th year of university or are fresh graduates.

QFBA’s CEO, Dr. Abdulaziz Al Horr added: “These certifications extend a slew of full force launch successes for our bespoke programmes and collaborative efforts with key industry leaders. Kawader, KAFA’A, our champion Training and Competency framework and our pioneering partnership with the Global Management Challenge (GMC) slated for this month all share unrelenting focus on industry professionals’ starting career point: bridging the wide gap between financial educational and knowledge and the job market’s evolution and needs. We hold a firm belief in that this gap is tackled at the very entry level stage”.

The aim of Kawader is to resource the future of the financial services sector with young talented l Qatari professionals having the right set of skills and qualifications. .