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Sharakah receives Best Enterprise Award from Europe Business Assembly

Few of the SMEs that Sharakah supported received renowned awards for their performance

Sharakah was recently awarded as the “Best Enterprise” in the field of Small and Medium Enterprises financial support at the Europe Business Assembly (EBA).

The General Manager Abdullah Al Jufaili was also awarded the Best Manager for the year 2015 in SME support category.

The prestigious international award was conferred upon Sharakah by Europe Business Assembly (EBA), Oxford, United Kingdom. The Europe Business Assembly (EBA) is an international corporation of social partnership established in the year 2000 in Oxford, UK.

Its main objectives are to develop and promote social and economic links between companies, investors, education establishments, cities and countries worldwide. The main purpose of EBA is to reward the hard work of individuals and institutes that contribute towards the development of the society culture, science, and economics.

Sharakah was nominated for the award based on the basis of its significant contribution to the national economy by active support to SMEs, Special financial solutions and programs, Assistance for private entrepreneurship development, and the positive image in regional media.

As part of Sharakah’s contribution to capacity building and skills development, Sharakah delivers workshops titled “Dynamic Entrepreneurship” to students & entrepreneurs to develop a deeper understanding of cash flows statements and enlightening the participants of different factors that could affect business performance.

In its effort to equip aspiring entrepreneurs, Sharakah tied up with several organizations to assess and develop SMEs. Sharakah has developed a Business Performance Monitoring Tool that enables it to monitor the progress of businesses that Sharakah has supported and ensure that they are on the right track. All this was taken into consideration by EBA while giving the award for “Best Enterprise” in the field of Small and Medium Enterprises financial support and its General Manager Mr. Abdullah Jufaili “The Best Manager Award”.

Sharakah is an ISO certified organization applying best practices to ensure that they serve the entrepreneurs in an efficient manner. In 2010, Sharakah was awarded the Special SME Finance Award during the Mediterranean Awards for Global Excellence in Islamic Finance held in Malta.

Few of the SMEs that Sharakah supported received renowned awards for their performance. This includes Ms. Rayan Al Kalbani, Founder of Mazoon Environmental and Technological Services being first Omani woman entrepreneur to be inducted into Women in Science Hall of Fame of the US Department of State, Revolution Group Exercise (Rev Gx) won the best small and medium enterprise (SME) award at the Omantel Excellence Awards in 2013.

This was followed by the Entrepreneur Conclave Award in 2014. Love at First Bite also received Travelex Oman Tourism Ambassador Awards and Best Brand in The Gulf at Kuwait. Lab Scientific was awarded Best Enterprise at Omantel Business Excellence SME Awards and best performing company at the National Business Center (NBC) for 2 consecutive years.