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SMEs: What tech do you need to execute your business idea?

* Entrepreneurs need to have some tech in place to materialise a business idea

* Gadgets, Internet access, a good workspace and transport are essential


As an entrepreneur, you may have a great business idea, but what do you need to execute the idea successfully?

The first answers that might come to mind include creating a business plan, a SWOT analysis, brainstorming sessions and consultations.

But without being enabled by the right tech, it is very difficult to materialise your idea and translate it into a successful business.


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(Image: Alamy) (Image: Alamy)

We are not only talking about owning a desktop or a laptop here. Most people forget about physical folders they may need to organise their papers, bills and other documents that are not necessarily provided in soft format.

A landline telephone is also a necessity in most places. While you may rely completely on your mobile phone to connect with the world, having a landline is important for the simple yet important reason below.


Internet access

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Whether your business offers online services and transactions, or the majority of your operations are executed offline, in the 21st century, you need to be online.

Enter the landline. In most, if not all, Arab countries, wireless Internet connection is provided through the landline, making it a necessity.


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The workplace

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Many successful entrepreneurs have run their businesses entirely out of their homes, dormitory rooms or even coffee shops. However, having a dedicated work space allows for less distraction and more accomplishments.



(Image supplied) (Image supplied)

Your business might not need you to transport people or merchandise from one location to another, but having some means of transport is quite useful.

However, you don’t need to overspend and buy a luxury car, as this is the time to observe and mostly maximize efficiency on every bit of investments.

An Ideal choice could be the New Nissan Pickup Navara, a tough and durable option in its fleet category. It has a fully-boxed frame, a one-ton payload, diesel and gasoline engines, allows two and four-wheel drives with seven automatic transmissions. It even has a dual usage for personal leisure during weekends.


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Bank account

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Want to get paid, right? Open a bank account. In the world of business, most people, especially larger companies, would rather pay through cheques or banking transfers, rather than cash-in hand. Opening a bank account is today the ABC of business – and we are not even talking about FinTech.