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The Social Development Center calls Qatar’s Entrepreneurs to apply for “Rasameel” fund

The Social Development Center (SDC), a member of Qatar Foundation for Social Action, is calling all Qatari entrepreneurs and young talents to sign up and take advantage of the services offered by “Rasameel” fund.

“Rasameel” fund targets Qatari entrepreneurs of both genders over the age of eighteen who have the desire to start and manage projects on the basis of profitable investment. There are no specific qualifications or a certain income required for acceptance; it is enough for the applicant to have an idea for a potential or existing project to be eligible for the “Rasameel” fund.

The fund provides grants and soft loans without interest or administrative fees, and helps beneficiaries and trains them to manage their projects, as well as provide guidance and counseling services.

Mr. Munther Abdullah Al Dawood, Projects and Investment Manager, SDC commented, “SDC established the Rasameel fund in 2003 as an important mechanism to support talented entrepreneurs. This goal is aligned with the vision of The State of Qatar to manage and support entrepreneurial activities in the country.” He added, “Rasameel’s mission is integrated with the country’s plans to promote an entrepreneurial culture, where the fund seeks to motivate and encourage young Qataris to adopt private entrepreneurial projects by offering a package of services to help implement successful business ventures that provide them with financial stability and profitability.”

Mr. Hamad Jafar Al-Saffar, Head of Entrepreneurship Support Department, SDC also spoke of “Rasameel’s” vision and the latest developments regarding the implementation of its plans, “We aim through the “Rasameel” fund to help ambitious Qatari entrepreneurs to implement and manage their projects successfully, which eventually contributes to the betterment and the stability of their living conditions. This in turn benefits the Qatari society and contributes to the achievement of Qatar National Vision 2030 in the economic and social development of human and environmental resources. We are currently working on the development of “Rasameel” fund and its services provided to the public as we are in the final stages of receiving a consultancy study which will improve the efficiency of the inputs and outputs of fund and achieve the highest level of satisfaction for the targeted group and other relevant authorities.”

SDC has achieved great results through “Rasameel” fund in the past year. The fund saw the collection and management of 350 funding requests and the nomination of 170 people to receive training and rehabilitation services, in addition to granting loans to 25 beneficiaries.

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