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Lucas Poelman, co-founder of Actiff, the first ever activity marketplace that is driven by activity rewards to reward people for leading their own active lifestyle, tells AMEinfo how he used his passion for professional tennis to create a successful startup and doing this by listening to other people’s ideas.

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Lucas Poelman recently took part in the Global Start-up Bootcamp, part of arab luxury world (alw) 2018, the Middle East’s leading conference on the business of luxury.

The Bootcamp, sponsored by TAG Heuer and Chalhoub Group, was held at the INSEAD Business School campus in Abu Dhabi in May.

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More than 25 start-up companies from around the world attended and later presented their company in a ‘pitch session’ in front of 600-plus industry professionals during the alw conference, two days later.

Watch Lucas Poelman tell his story here. Win by learning fastest from others

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