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Women in Jeddah prefer to be Entrepreneurs than to work

Study by Glowork highlights female perceptions before graduation

A recent study released by Glowork, the leading organization for women employment in the region highlights female’s perceptions before graduation. A total of 2000 women from 10 universities Kingdom-wide were surveyed.

There were some interesting statistics revealed as it was broken down by city. 49% of women in Riyadh expected to work in a supervisor or manager level when graduating, it was much higher in Dammam with 70% of women expecting the same.

When it came to factors that influence women selecting their majors and education, in Riyadh 71% mentioned their own personal interest helped them in selecting their majors, in Dammam 27% mentioned they selected their majors based on the labor market needs and the same response was received from women In Jeddah.

Another aspect surveyed were what factors influenced women’s career choices when it came to selecting the job after graduation. In Jeddah only 4% mentioned that salary was a major influence in selecting a job with 61% mentioning that professional development at a company was important to them. In Dammam 33% mentioned they would follow their passion when it came to assisting them in choosing their right career.
The most interesting statistics came from seeing where women wanted to work when they graduate. In Riyadh 34% of women want to work for government entities whilst in Dammam 51% of women want to work in the private sector and the most interesting response is 33% of women in Jeddah prefer to be entrepreneurs than to work in government or the private sector.

“This study showcases how each region differentiates from one another” said Khalid Alkhudair the CEO and Founder of Glowork.

“I believe it is down to education and lifestyle, as we can see in Jeddah women have more of a tendency to become job creators than to work which is great and I think that’s due to the great practicality that universities in Jeddah are enlisting in their students. The issue regarding women’s high expectations after graduation I believe also falls under an area where we need to develop more part time jobs and internship programs at universities for women to understand the complexity of the workplace.