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15% increase of visitors at Grand Heritage Doha Hotel and Spa tent during Ramadan

Doha Grand Heritage Doha Hotel and Spa reports a 15% increase in its numbers of Ramadan tent visitors compared to last year. The rise in numbers foregrounds the popularity of the Ramadan tent tradition amongst guests, visitors and tourists in Qatar.

The Ramadan tent has been exquisitely furnished with delicious food offerings, including Arabic specialties such as Ouzi and Shawarma, prepared at live stations ahead of guests. Elegantly decorated to fit within the Victorian theme of the hotel, the Ramadan tent has adopted the Islamic culture and Ramadan feel, providing guests with a traditional atmosphere to break their fast and enjoy their Iftar.

Commenting on the increase, Mr. Zeid Talhami, Director of Sales & Marketing said: It is always a positive improvement when the hotel sees an increase such as this, particularly during summer. Most of our visitors are Qataris; however we have also seen an interesting number of Arab tourists and expats, confirming Qatar remains a popular destination during Ramadan for people from the GCC. The Ramadan tent in particular has done a great job in attracting curiosity and interest for those who want to learn more about the holy month, and for those who have joined us in our traditions of Iftar and Suhour.”

Additionally, the new number also foregrounds the general preference amongst the local community, expats and families, to have their Iftar and Suhour at hotels, rather than at home.

The Grand Heritage Doha Hotel and Spa is part of the Grand Heritage Group, a chain of luxury hotels around the world. It opened its doors in Doha in mid 2011 and is located by the Aspire Academy for Sports Excellence. The hotel has since been an important presence in the hospitality industry in Qatar, both aesthetically and by measure of its services.