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Three things a woman driver in Saudi can start doing this week

Women in Saudi Arabia can drive now. So, AMEinfo has compiled a list of things women can do with this new lift that they previously couldn’t.

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Three things, starting today women can do:

1- Go off-roading in the desert:

Off-roading or just cruising in the desert’s vast sands is one thing every person should experience.

Cruising in your car is reported by many on forums, both Reddit and ClubExus, a driving forum, to be a great stress reliever.

Are the kids giving you a hard time at home?

Take the family car and drive around in the desert.

Just remember to fill up the gas and be sure to get quick lessons on tire pressures, and how to deal with sand dunes.

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2- Go shopping with your friends:

Why? Because you can park near the entrance since new signs in Saudi Jamaal Mall, indicate that parking near the door is very convenient to some now, with women in Saudi given priority.

Wondering why priority parking and signs are up?

It’s because they ensure that women aren’t in any danger when arriving at parking lots either late at night or when the lot is half-empty.

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3- Go help someone who is struggling to park

Enaam Alaswad has only risked getting behind the wheel of a car in Saudi Arabia once, according to The Guardian.

Sparked by the frustration of watching her driver try and fail, repeatedly, to squeeze into a tight parking space on the baking, dusty streets of her seaside hometown, Jeddah.

“I couldn’t bear it; I asked him to get out, and parked it myself. Then I got out and walked away,” says the 43-year-old with a laugh. With that neat piece of parallel parking, she would once have risked arrest. Not anymore.