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4 and 5 star hotel guests leaps by 25%

The total number of guests staying at 4 & 5 star hotels in the Sultanate witnessed an increase to the end of May 2014 totaling 323,779 guests, compared with 258,518 guests during the same period in 2013, recording a growth rate of 25.2%.

The total revenue for 4 & 5 Star Hotels also grew by 10.4% during the same period, rising to 77.895 million R.O, compared with 70.551 R.O at the end of May 2013. Occupancy rate also rose to 68.6% to the end of May 2014, compared with a 64.5% occupancy recorded during the same period in 2013, registering an increase of 6.4%.

The “Main indicators for 4 & 5 Star Hotels” report issued by the National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) revealed that visitors from Europe topped the list of hotel guests (4 & 5 star) during the period January – May 2014 with 122,635 guests, followed by Omanis with 91,036 guests, while guests from GCC countries recorded a total of 36,382 guests, and those from Asia recording 32,640 guests.

When comparing the change in the number of 4 & 5 Star Hotel Guests by geographical origin from May 2013 to May 2014, the report reveals that guests from Europe increased by 29.7%, the number of Omani guests grew by 17.9%, guests from GCC countries grew by 21.3%, and guests from other unrecorded countries rose by 35.7%. The highest increase recorded was with guests from Africa, with guest numbers growing by a healthy 57.9%. Guests from Oceania registered the least increase with a 3.3% rise in guest numbers compared to the end of May 2013.

Breaking down guest numbers on a month-by-month basis, the report revealed that number of guests during May decreased when compared with the previous four months of 2014.

The total number of 4 & 5 Star Hotel guests in January 2014 was recorded as 57,814 guests, for February the number rose to 69,344 guests, and 71,225 guests in March 2014. However, the total number of guests declined in April to 67,931 guests and 57,465 guests in May 2014.

Throughout this period, revenues grew gradually from 14.714 million R.O in January 2014 to 16.446 million R.O in February, 17.063 million R.O in March, and 17.743 million R.O in April 2014. In May 2014, revenues declined to 11.929 million R.O. Meanwhile, the occupancy rate in January 2014 stood at 66.6%, growing to 75.3% in February, falling back to 72.7% in March, 71.9% in April and a 57.1% occupancy rate in May 2014.