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4,000 cars sold in Lebanon during last July

Sale of Japanese makes recorded an 18.17 per cent increase, while European car sales increased by 16.17 per cent

New car sales in Lebanon reached 4,421 in July 2015, compared with 3,616 cars sold during the same month in 2014 and to 3,825 cars last June, new statistics reveal.

The statistics released by the Automobile Importers Association of Lebanon (AIA) show that the sales of new cars increased on a cumulative basis by 1.29 per cent annually, reaching 22,288 cars since the beginning of 2015, compared with 22,004 cars in the same period of 2014.

The sale of Japanese cars recorded an 18.17 per cent increase annually, with the number reaching 8,573, while European car sales increased by 16.17 per cent, reaching 4,555 cars, reports UAE-based Aliqtisadi.

It is worth mentioning that the Japanese-made cars topped the list of new car sales in Lebanon, accounting for 38.46 per cent of the total market sales since early this year, followed by Korean cars at 34.92 per cent.

The European cars came in third place accounting for 20.44 per cent, while US cars came fourth, accounting for 5.44 per cent, and Chinese cars 0.74 per cent.