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45k transactions processed through ‘Nafethati’: RTA

Machines in 3 locations offer 24/7 service

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has revealed that more than 45 thousand transactions have so far been processed through “Nafethati” initiative topped by vehicles licensing service accounting for 56%, followed by seasonal parking cards (31%), and payment of fines (13%).

“The Nafethati initiative is part of the Smart Government requirements and the Smart City initiative launched by the Government of Dubai with the aim of raising customers’ satisfaction through responding to their needs & expectations. These objectives are aligned with RTA’s third Strategic Goal of bringing happiness to people,” said Ahmed Mahboub, Director of Customers Service of RTA’s Corporate Administrative Support Services Sector.

“The Nafethati have been activated at Al Tawar, Al Karama and Al Manar Centers to offer 24-hours service after being tentatively relocated outside the three premises. Depending on its success, the experiment will be applied to other centers for the sake of offering further assistance to our customers. Through these smart machines customers can process their transactions without seeking assistance from front-end employees, which saves their time & efforts. Services offered through these kiosks were increased from six to eight, namely: renewal of vehicles licensing, inquiry/payment of fines, printing of certificates, issuance of vehicle registration cards, printing of documents, issuance of vehicles registration cards instead of damaged/lost items, seasonal parking cards, and the renewal of driver licenses,” explained Mahboub.

“The smart apps used by customers to process their transactions via smartphones or RTA website are linked with these machines such that these kiosks act as a channel for receiving transactions to be processed through smart and e-channels; which is part of a global trend towards standardizing customers’ service experience. The payment of channel is secured by the Smart Government of Dubai, and all machines are monitored by CCTV cameras monitored by the operating company; which can figure out the condition of the machines without waiting for complaints from customers. The most frequently used machines are situated at Al Barsha, Al Karama, Al Tawar, Umm Al Romool and Deira.

“Work is currently underway in outsourcing this service by the end of this year in order to expand and deploy the machines across the Emirate and throughout the UAE. Other services and fee payment options will be provided and machines will be located in vital locations such that they become more accessible to the public,” added Mahboub.

Currently there are 16 Nafethati provided at RTA Head Office, Umm Al Romool Center, Deira Center, Al Barsha Center, JBR Center, Al Manara Center, Al Awir Center, Tasjeel Al Tawar, Tasjeel Al Barsha, Al Qusais Industrial Area 3, Shamil Al Muhaisna, Tamam Al Ghandi Center, Wasil Belhasa Center, Al Karama Center, and Al Tawar Center.